Large Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head DollLarge Bawo & Dotter China Head Doll

Description of Doll for Sale

This is a stunning example of an antique late 1800's china head doll made by Bawo & Dotter in Germany. The China Heads patent date of 1880 is the earliest this head could have been made with production for this doll probably ending well before 1900. This doll has her original antique china head and hands with cloth feet. The body is an expertly made copy of an antique body. The material and the pattern of the body is exactly what I would expect for an 1880's china head body. If it wasn't for the cleanness of the fabric in the body one could easily mistake it for an antique body, This Bawo & Dotter china head doll is 26 inches tall.

She is wearing a very well made and appropriately styled vintage replacement outfit that was hand made for this doll. The style of the dress and the sewing details is exactly what I would expect in an antique dress from 1880 - 1890. The dress and underwear were made using vintage and antique fabric. The slip features a delicate organdy bodice and sleeves. She has lace stockings that are sewn onto her cloth feet.

Head Mark: 10, Pat Dec 7 / 80

Uncommon for china heads of this time period the head is marked as shown with a patent date that was assigned to Bawo & Dotter. I have no details of what the patent applies to as I see nothing " new and unique" in this doll that was not seen in earlier China heads. Doll manufacturers were always trying to gain advantage by claiming patent rights to any feature they could get a patent on.

Condition of Doll for Sale

The china head and hands are perfect with no chips, cracks or repairs. There are some small rubs to the hair mainly on the back of the head
The dress and underwear is clean and sound with no stains, foxing or repairs. The fabric of the dress and underwear is sound with no rips. The vintage organdy of the sleeves and collar of the slip is sound but is very thin and delicate and has some minor holes and fraying.

The doll may have wear and flaws seen in used dolls. I try to describe significant flaws in my text and show them in picture. Read the text and examine the pictures to be sure you understand the dolls condition. If you have questions please email me.

Large Bawo & Dotter China Head Doll

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