Edwardian Hand Tinted French PostcardEdwardian Hand Tinted French PostcardEdwardian Hand Tinted French PostcardEdwardian Hand Tinted French Postcard

"Gros gros baisers!" (Big fat kisses!) This hand tinted French real photo postcard shows a precious lad in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit (also known as the Buster Brown suit). "What the Earl saw was a graceful, childish figure in a black velvet suit, with a lace collar, and with lovelocks waving about the handsome, manly little face, whose eyes met his with a look of innocent good-fellowship." (Little Lord Fauntleroy).

The classic Fauntleroy suit was a velvet cut-away jacket and matching knee pants worn with a fancy blouse with a large lace or ruffled collar. These suits appear right after the publication of Burnett's story (1885) and were a major fashion until after the turn of the 20th century. Many boys who did not wear an actual Fauntleroy suit wore suits with Fauntleroy elements such as a fancy blouse or floppy bow.

The boy in this 'Bonne Annee' (Happy New Year) photo is wearing a robin's egg blue outfit with short pants. It has a fancy jacket with a large white ruffled collar and cuffs. He is sitting cross-legged in a relaxed pose holding what might be mistle toe. This sandy haired boy and a winter scene are in an oval frame of holly and red berries. There is a large violet flower trimmed with a voile bow in robin's egg blue in the middle on top and a smaller bow of the same color on the bottom.

The matte sepia-tone photographic image is quite clear with very good color. The card has a divided back with a juvenile handwritten message to 'chere (dear) Marraine' from Jean (John) written across the two panels. There is no stamp on the front but on the bottom right corner is the mark Suzy 287. The date is likely 1905-1910.

This 3.5 by 5.5 inch card is in very good condition with some age minor age. Please remember that these Edwardian hand tinted French postcards are over 110 years old. Please look carefully at all of the photos which have been photographed on white background under bright studio lights to allow you to see the detail.

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Edwardian Hand Tinted French Postcard


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