Alice in Wonderland 1950s Vintage Page London Paint Box - Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Tin Lithograph - Made in England - VERY LARGE - image 1 of 9

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party 1950s Page London tin lithograph vintage paint box - VERY LARGE high-quality 1950s enameled paint box with an extraordinary brilliantly-colored lithograph. Characters pictured include the March Hare, the White Rabbit, the Mock Turtle, the Griffin and the Cheshire Cat. In windows are images of boy and girl artists holding their sketched work. All in all, the graphics on this piece are exceptional, and in generally excellent shape!

Manufactured by Page London, a British maker of quality paint boxes with fine lithograph colors. The Page London logo is impressed in the red enamel on the back. No lithographer is identified. “Made in England” is printed at the base of the front cover and on the center of the paint tray insert inside.

This box is top of the line - exceptionally large - 20” x 9” x 3/8" – with white enamel metal insert containing slots for 84 water-color paints - virtually every color of the rainbow - and a tray for brushes. The original light card board insert (for holding the paints and brushes in place) is missing, almost all of the original square paint pads are missing from their slots, and no brushes are included.
It was difficult to get accurate photos of the wicker and silver-plated detail on this hat. The photo flash distorts the actual colors, often showing them to be darker than they actually appear in person, and accentuates spots of light wear, making them appear much more distracting, than they actually are. It looks substantially better in person than it appears in these photos.

CONDITION NOTE: PLEASE LOOK AT THE PHOTOS CAREFULLY. This paint box is VINTAGE and HEAVILY USED INSIDE – but with wonderful lithographic images in excellent condition on the outside – a truly wonder display piece as is! Although almost all of the original water-color paints are long gone, they could easily be replaced, either on-line, at any quality brick-and-mortar art supply shop, if you want to restore it to its original working condition. It is a vintage piece, so there are the inevitable (but very few) indentations and dents in the cover, light stains, and occasional small scratch – almost none of which involve important parts of the image. There is one small deeper indentation in the March Hare’s mouth, but the enamel is undamaged, and therefore almost invisible. The light mark across the March Hare’s ears is NOT A SCRATCH, but part of the graphic image. There is one vertical scratch on the lower left corner of the tablecloth (to the left of the table leg) which is just barely noticeable in the photos. There are small rust spots on the edges and hinges. There is also some surface wear, limited almost entirely to the edges and corners. The principal images are almost completely clean. The box bottom has old scotch tape residue marks near the center front edge, and relatively small abrasion scratches here and there. On the back and edges, there is some rust where bare metal has been exposed, but no rust on the lithographed cover. The hinges work well, and are only very lightly rusted. Inside the white enamel tray is heavily stained with water-color paint, and has light rust in the slots were the bare metal is exposed. ALL SIGNIFICANT FLAWS ARE VISIBLE IN THE PHOTOS.

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Alice in Wonderland 1950s Vintage Page London Paint Box - Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Tin Lithograph - Made in England - VERY LARGE


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