Seven c1900 Sacramento Valley California stereo real photo stereo views featuring various types of grain harvesting farm machinery grain used in California's Sacramento Valley in 1906 and 1907. Two feature grain harvesting using horse-drawn "combined harvesters"; two using steam-powered harvesters; two are close-up views of the combined harvester machinery; and one features the older stationary threshing machines the combined harvester replaced. Published by H.C. White Co.

Previously, a separate reaper had to be used to cut and bundle the grain (See the Deering Reaper shown at our item # 27-0452). The bundles then had to be loaded onto a horse-drawn racks and brought to a stationary threshing machine (shown on card #118) for separating the grain from the straw and chaff. Combined harvesters allowed farmers to combine cutting and threshing grain into a single mechanical operation, enabling farmers to cut more wheat in one pass, increasing productivity and cutting labor hours nearly in half.

The combined harvester machines pictured were probably manufactured by the Holt Manufacturing Company of Stockton, California, which sold its first horse-drawn "Link-Belt Combined Harvester" in 1886. One key innovation Holt implemented was using flexible chain belts rather than gears to transmit power from the ground wheels to the working parts of the machine. It had a 14-foot (4.3 m) cutting bar and was pulled by an 18-horse team. In 1890, Holt built his first steam traction engine, which weighed 48,000 pounds (22,000 kg) and rode on huge metal wheels. Holt's steam tractors were popular despite their weight and awkward size because they could harvest large fields for one-sixth the cost of a horse-drawn combine. Later Holt invented the first successful crawling tread, which became famous as Caterpillar!

Published by Hawley C. White, through his firm "H. C. White Co." of Chicago, New York and other cities, which from the 1870s through the 1920s was one of the most important manufacturers of stereo views, with a catalogue exceeding 13,000 items. Most of the images were shot by other photographers hired by the firm.

3-D EFFECT: Seven curved mounted card create an exceptional 3-D effect through the stereo viewer.

PHOTO NOTE: Curved cards do not always scan or photo well. The actual albumen (sepia toned) photo images are much more clear, crisp and sharp, than they appear in these photos. The grainy texture is not present in the original photos. Any light scratches and small defects are accentuated by the photo process, and are usually all much less perceptible through the stereo viewer. Any bright spots and shiny areas are reflections from the camera flash, and do not appear on the actual stereo view images

CONDITION NOTE: These cards and the curved mounted images are in excellent, near mint condition. The faint brown cast to the sky is not soiling but is typical of the albumen (sepia-toned) photographic process. The backs are blank, but in good shape

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c1900 Sacramento Valley California Real Photo Vintage Stereo Views (7) - 1900 Grain Harvesting Farm Machinery - Horse-Drawn and Steam-Powered Farm Machinery - Combined Harvesters – Threshing Machine – H.C. White Co. Publisher


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