Republican GOP President Calvin Coolidge 1924 election campaign memorabilia - VERY RARE privately published campaign songs composed for Coolidge's 1924 presidential campaign by a Connecticut Coolidge "groupie":

Composed by Adaline P. Rundle of Greenwich, Connecticut, the first is "The President's Love Letter" - about a "famous" letter wrote by President Coolidge in the summer of 1923 - shortly after Vice-President Coolidge had become President on the sudden death of the elected President Warren G. Harding - written to an old friend James Lucey - a Northampton MA cobbler. The text of this letter from the usually "Silent Cal" is as follows:

"August 6, 1923
My Dear Mr. Lucey:
Not often do I see you or write you, but want you to know that if it were not for you I should not be here, and I want to tell you how much I love you. Do not work too much, and try to enjoy yourself in your well-earned leisure of age.
Yours sincerely,
Calvin Coolidge"

The second is an equally rare privately published 1924 presidential campaign song "The Yankee Dood'l Do" - with lyrics also by Ms. Rundle set to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

A New York Times article of the day states that both songs were publicly performed in NY and CT during the the President's 1924 re-election campaign, and perhaps on New York radio stations.

Both privately published songs by Ms. Rundle are extremely RARE. The only other copies we have found so far are those in the Greenwich Connecticut Library collection. We have also have found a Coolidge memorabilia dealer who sold a copy of the "Love Letter" many years ago. While the original publication run of both songs is unknown, it was undoubtedly quite small. As far as we can tell, neither song was ever re-published by a major New York music publishing house.

Ms. Rundle, born 1866 and died in 1950 as a spinster, came from a prominent Greenwich CT family - daughter of a local banker - and a descendant of one of the colonial founders of Greenwich. Interesting enough, Ms. Rundle in her youth was pictured in colonial dress (along with her sister) in one of Wallace Nutting's Colonial home photographs.

The sheet music for both songs is in very fine condition.

PHOTO NOTE: The scanned images are a more accurate representation of how these two pieces of vintage sheet music look in person. The "real photo" pictures distort the color of these two pieces of sheet music; and are offered solely to show the CONDITION (not the color) of both pieces of music.

Each of these songs alone is a very rare find - both together is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! For a serious collector of Presidential memorabilia - or for a dedicated Calvin Coolidge collector - the sheet music for these two 1924 "Keep Cool With Coolidge" campaign songs are a "must have"!

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1924 Vintage GOP Republican Party Presidential Election Historical Memorabilia- Calvin Coolidge Campaign RARE Sheet Music (2) - Greenwich CT Composer-Publisher Adaline P. Rundle - "The President's Love Letter" and "The Yankee Dood'l Do"


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