Vintage Bulldog Necklace by Joseff of HollywoodVintage Bulldog Necklace by Joseff of HollywoodVintage Bulldog Necklace by Joseff of HollywoodVintage Bulldog Necklace by Joseff of HollywoodVintage Bulldog Necklace by Joseff of Hollywood

This is a lovely Vintage gold tone necklace made by Joseff of Hollywood in the 1940s. It is 17 inches long and features five scalloped shape pendants with a 3 dimensional face of a bulldog at their centre. This necklace is one of the most iconic of the Joseff of Hollywood designs and is sought after by collectors of costume jewelry.

History of Joseff of Hollywood

In the late 1920s, Eugene Joseff (1905–48) decided to leave the Midwest and his career in advertising in search of better economic opportunities. He moved to Los Angeles where the motion-picture industry thrived.

The charismatic Joseff soon befriended the famous costume designer Walter Plunkett (1902–82) who first inspired Joseff to create jewelry for Hollywood films. Joseff, who at a young age apprenticed at a foundry, began experimenting with making jewelry in the garage of his Sunset Boulevard home.

He developed a matte metal finish for his jewelry, which minimized the glare from the strong studio lights. He also amassed a reference library to aid him in the creation of pieces for historic films. He used this reference library to make himself into an invaluable resource to the costume designers of Old Hollywood, allowing them to pore over his tomes for their film projects.

Before long, the talented Joseff became the premier costume jeweler in Hollywood, designing, manufacturing, and renting jewelry to movie studios under the brand name Joseff of Hollywood. Joseff created exquisite pieces for famous actresses such as Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express, Greta Garbo in Camille, and Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind.

Hollywood stars now desired Joseff of Hollywood creations to wear off-screen. Joseff realized the lucrative potential of a retail line, which he began to sell in high-end department stores. He moved to a new location in Burbank, close to the studios but with enough space to expand his operations.

With his business quickly growing, Joseff needed someone to manage the day-to-day affairs. Joan Castle (1912–2010) was hired, and before long the two fell in love, and were married in 1942. Together they were an unstoppable, glamorous pair! By continuing to create designs for “every woman” and converting studio designs for retail sale, the demand for Joseff pieces continued to grow. When Joan Castle Joseff passed away in 2010 at the age of 97, it was Tina and her children who continued the family business. In 2019 they are still going strong!

Joseff of Hollywood
Brass, Copper, Gold Plate
Costume, Designer, Signed
17 inches

Vintage Bulldog Necklace by Joseff of Hollywood

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