DESCRIPTION: At 123 years of age, this rare antique Corinthian Candlestick set represents the beloved Royal Worcester lineage of fine porcelain pieces and collectibles. Since 1751 when Dr. John Wall and William Davis founded The Worcester Tonquin Manufactory, their efforts to establish high-quality porcelain production and luxurious pieces was a great success. Today, we enjoy beautiful Royal Worcester porcelain, both past and present, of spectacular and lasting design.

From a Private Collection, the matching Corinthian Candlesticks on white porcelain under ‘leadless glaze’ is a classic piece. Representing ancient Greek architecture, a Corinthian column shows lavish ornamentation carved to resemble acanthus leaves and flowers.

The antique porcelain blank is molded to include acanthus leaves, shells, scrolls, and laurel wreath medallions. The design is intricate yet simple, historic yet moderne. The porcelain is trimmed in gilt and preserved under a magnificent glaze. The results are captivating and a testament to talented artists that paved the way for today’s Royal Worcester designs and creations.

WHY I LIKE IT: I think Ancient Greek architecture is the cornerstone of all design. This exceptional pair of Corinthian Candlesticks are a classic reminder of that strength and timeless influence. Royal Worcester pieces are exceptional.

Backstamp(s): Royal Worcester (in black overglaze) ca. 1898. (310 and 71 also appear. 1900 is written underneath one candlestick).

CIRCA: 1889

DIMENSIONS: 8*1/4” h x 4-1/4” square base

CONDITION: Very Good. No loss of gold; brilliant glazed sheen. One tiny chip on one acanthus leaf tip (see photo). We feel this does not detract from the significance of the piece because of its age and overall very fine condition. Manufacturing anomolies are consistent with the era.

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AntqRWCC211909 Eng OCR
Hand Painted
Royal Worcester
England • English

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Antique Royal Worcester Corinthian Candlesticks, England ca. 1898


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