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DESCRIPTION: From Limoges France, this small porcelain handpainted plate is an excellent choice for summer desserts.

The design is a handpainted full stem of naturalistic blackberries surrounded by leaves of various colors that rest upon faint blue ground. Under a lovely satin sheen, the variant shades of purple, green, blue and brown are painted with precise details encircling the plate. A very fine trim of gold is added.

WHY I LIKE IT: Small handpainted plates such as this are perfect for summer entertaining. Whether indoors or outside, simply add small desserts or a glass votive in center and your table setting gives a nod to the past reminiscent of summer picnics in a French countryside.

CIRCA: 1905-1930

BACKSTAMP(s): PL Limoges France (La Porcelaine Limousine)


DIMENSIONS: 7-1/2” dia

CONDITION: Very Good. No cracks, crazing, chips or repairs. Any anomalies are of the manufacturing and production era.

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AntqHPDP 221603– LimFra GC
Hand Painted, Porcelain
France • French

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Antique PL Limoges HandPainted Plate, ca. 1905-1930


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