Antique Pickard HandPainted Cake Plate “Pink Roses” Signed by artist,  France, ca. 1905-1910 - image 1 of 14

DESCRIPTION: On a French porcelain blank originating 1879-1900, the most prolific female Pickard artist Florence James, captures the artistry of naturalistic florals she was noted for.

In design, the perforated handle Cake Plate is brilliantly handpainted, as a porcelain canvas transforms into the world of decorative arts. Pink roses are carefully painted with detail and depth, surrounded by lush green leaves of varying shades and thorny stems. Seen in photo, a lovely glaze covers and preserves the artwork with a satin sheen. The handpainted Cake Plate is completed with a wider rim of gilt, applied on rim and handles with exceptional results. On rim, a rococo effect is applied to further accentuate the pink rose design.

Pickard artist, Florence James, began her china decorating career at the young age of 16 where she set up her own studio in Milwaukee. Born to Scottish immigrants, her father was a mold-maker and undoubtedly an influence to her career and talent. Upon his passing in 1905, she and her mother moved to Chicago where she became Pickard’s youngest artist. She proved to be flexible in her ability and renderings, with focus on nature, scenic vellums to simple borders. It is believed she worked at the Pickard Studio through at least 1919 and possibly later. While there, she earned a fine professional reputation with an eye for detail and excellence. (adapted from source: Collectors Encyclopedia of Pickard China, Alan B. Reed)

WHY I LIKE IT: Painted by a young trailblazer, this exceptional antique Cake Plate has a wonderful history to share and when placed upon a dessert table, the story becomes moderne. The pattern is perfect for spring and summer months when carefree dining is in vogue and a piece of handpainted porcelain is unexpected.

CIRCA: 1905-1910

BACKSTAMP(s): Hand Painted WA Pickard (brown decal, first used at Ravenswood studio) ca. 1905-1910; D & Co., France (R. Delinieres) 1879-1900

Artist Signature: Florence James

DIMENSIONS: 9-3/4” diameter; 10-1/2 handle to handle

CONDITION: Very Good. No cracks, crazing, chips or repairs. Manufacturing anomalies, if any, are consistent with the era.

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AnqHPDP220308 LimPic GC
Hand Painted, Porcelain
Cream, Gold, Green, Pink, White
Pickard, Chicago Studios
United States • American

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Antique Pickard HandPainted Cake Plate “Pink Roses” Signed by artist, France, ca. 1905-1910


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