Plums, cherries and a wide variety of flowers are used to decorate this cup and saucer, made at the Doccia factory in Italy. The colors are fairly strong and applied thickly. The design is unpretentious and straightforward, probably “staying local” with familiar Italian faience designs rather than trying to imitate non-Italian styles. The saucer is five inches across and the can two and a half inches high. Technically speaking, this is not the best. The can is a little out of round, and the saucer shows quite clearly the signs of the potter’s fingers throwing it on the wheel. The footrims of both are rough and the foot of the cup has some chips that may have been caused when the glaze flowed onto the kiln shelf during the firing, so that the cup had to be broken free. The saucer is impressed on the back with the initials B and E (or B twice).

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Doccia Antique Porcelain Cup & Saucer with Fruit and Flower Sprigs c.1750.


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