Here is a straight-sided teapot molded with the symbolic bat, pine, bamboo leaves and something else I’m not sure of. In any event, I think it all means basically “good luck.” The handle is formed as bamboo branches, and the pine branch on the side includes a cone. The wooden branches on the lid stand fully in the round, sculpted by hand in three-dimensions, with a gap underneath them. This teapot has been well-used, though not recently, and has some encrustations on the outside that I didn’t want to clean off. The lid has one seal mark and the bottom of the teapot has another. It is in used condition, with tiny chips around the rim of the lid—a common mishap for this kind of teapot. There is also one tiny chip on the shoulder of the teapot body. No other damage. I have two of these teapots for sale and there is a discount for the purchase of both.

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Antique Yixing Teapot of Zisha Clay 19thc Molded Pine & Bat, Bamboo Seal Mark


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