The Peony (or Mansfield) Pattern was one of the mainstays of the Worcester factory for many years, and was reproduced by the Royal Worcester Company in later periods. In the earliest Worcester period, it was produced from the mid-1750s right up until about 1778, but most examples date from the 1770s. The pattern was also used at Caughley, Lowestoft and a few other factories in the eighteenth century. This pattern was extremely popular, always painted by hand in cobalt blue. Not all pieces bear the factory marks of a painted W or crescent moon. Both pieces of this antique porcelain set are in perfect condition. The saucer is four and three-quarters inches across. This peaked scrolling handle is known as a “pixie ear” handle and is a rare and highly desirable shape.

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Worcester Mansfield Pattern Cup & Saucer, Pixie Ear Handle C.1770


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