Here are a matching pair of small vases made early in the history of the porcelain factory in Worcester. This shape, unique to Worcester in English porcelain, was based on Chinese originals and first issued with Chinese-style decoration around 1752-3. A few years later, from about 1757-1760, the shape was reissued with elaborate Meissen flowers, as here. The green handles on the neck have been described as plant stalks, as elephant trunks, and as branches. You make the call. Each vase is decorated on both sides with European flowers in bright bouquets and as single specimens. Examples of this very desirable shape are in many museums and were in the Zorensky Collection, the Rous Lench Collection, the Sidders Collection, the Jeremy Lever Collection (a pair) and the Melvin Collection. Vases of this form are illustrated by F.S. Mackenna in “Worcester Porcelain, the Wall Period and Its Antecedents,” plate 6, and by H. Rissik Marshall “Coloured Worcester Porcelain,” plate 25. They are six and a quarter inches high. Condition: a small chip has been filled in on the back rim of one vase. Otherwise it is fine. About half the top rim has been repaired on the other vase toward the side and back, not affecting any of the painting. This vase also has an in-the-making hairline on the bottom that creeps up half an inch on each end. One end has been painted over with a leaf, so the crack was there originally. I show close-ups of the restoration. It could be redone at some point but the vases are good for display as they stand. Very light wear to the decoration. There are small surface flaws here and there because of the difficulties of firing porcelain in the early years, and one vase tilts a bit, again because of firing difficulties. This is an extremely rare form of vase and hardly ever available as a pair. The price reflects the condition issues.

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Pair of Early Worcester Vases C.1758 with Meissen-Style Flowers. 18thc Porcelain


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