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This small card advertises Partridge’s Dining Rooms in Philadelphia. Established in 1862 (as noted on the face of the card), the name was a Philadelphia standard until 1902. In the mid-1800’s there were 5 restaurants operating under the name of Partridge and the ones on this advertising card were operated by Edward Partridge and his son E. Frank Partridge. These two restaurants were in the shopping district and were designed to attract women who were looking for a nice place to have a lunch or a snack while out shopping. The back of the card features the sort of items that a lady of the day might be attracted to, including tea, coffee and chocolate, and desserts such as creams, water-ices, and frozen fruits. The back of the card indicates that the meals are excellently cooked, and the rooms are pleasant, comfortable and free from all unpleasant odors whether from cooking or any uncleanliness about the premises....(probably code for gentlemen smoking cigars and pipes!).

The card measures about 4 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches. The card is in excellent condition and is free of discoloration or evidence of use in an album.

Multiple trade cards can ship for the same postage as a single card, so if you purchase several, be sure that you wait to pay until I can issue a purchase order with an appropriately adjusted shipping price.

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Advertising Trade Card Partridge’s Dining Rooms Philadelphia


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