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Unusual peaked-shape oval faux pearls…are the centerpieces of these beautiful and classic Ciner earrings. Framed in a tubular gold-tone, pave rhinestones are set majestically on all four corners of a slightly oval design. The highlights, however, are the two large creamy-colored oval faux pearls that rise to high peaks in the center. These clip-on earrings are signed Ciner and have the original comfort tab backs on the clips. They each measure 1”x1” are in excellent condition.

FYI: Ciner began in 1892 by making gemstone and precious metal jewelry but after the depression they turned to costume jewelry as their specialty. Their costume jewelry is prized by collectors worldwide because of their many production innovations that maintained a higher quality level than their competitors. They mostly stuck to classic, timeless designs during most of their history and have a list of famous clientele around the world. Ciner uses a proprietary technique when making faux pearls for their jewelry that has proven to last for decades unlike other faux pearls that lose luster or crack and peel over time.

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Item id: R3815
Type: Costume, Signed
Color: Champagne, Gold
Creator: Ciner
Item type: Vintage

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Ciner Domed Faux Pearl and Rhinestone Clip Earrings


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