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Unconventional and innovative…is an understatement for this Monies lariat-style necklace. In Chinese philosophy, the Yin and the Yang represent opposite forces that attract and complement each other. In this exceptional necklace by Gerda and Nikolai Monies, multiple strands of braided black cord are bound with a large freeform round “O” of clear acrylic and a large triangular shape also of clear acrylic. The black and clear are opposite colors, the cord and acrylic are opposite materials, yet when joined together, they form a fabulous necklace. There are about 16 strands of cord. The asymmetrical acrylic round measures 2 3/8” wide and 3” long. The triangular shaped acrylic measures 1 ½”x1 ½”. The total length is 25” to can fit an average size neck. It is in excellent condition and has the Monies signature inside the large “O.”

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Item id: R3786
Type: Couture, Designer, Signed
Color: Black, Clear
Creator: Monies (Gerda Lynggaard)
Item type: Vintage
Material: Leather, Lucite

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Monies Clear Acrylic and Black Cord Lariat Loop Necklace


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