Heisey PitcherHeisey PitcherHeisey Pitcher

This is a beautiful pitcher that was produced between 1905 and 1933 in the Priscilla pattern by Heisey. Heisey was a well known manufacture of fine glass in Newark, Ohio in the late 1800 with its peak years were from 1886 through 1906. The company in 1901 designed and added the H within a diamond which became their trademark. They stopped manufacturing glass in 1957. All of the molds were purchased by the Imperial Glass corporation and still used the Heisey mark until 1968. In 1985 the Imperial Glass company liquidated. The Heisey Collectors of America organization purchased the original molds from Imperial glass Co.. Not only is this a beautiful pitcher but part of American History. The pitcher has the 32 rays on the bottom with the diamond and the H in the middle of the rays and holds 26oz and in is 5 inches from the spout to the handle and 4 3/4in from the base to the spout. Condition is excellent without any chips or cracks.

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Heisey Pitcher


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