14K gold Hebrew Beloved  Wedding Ring. Israel Jewelry.14K gold Hebrew Beloved  Wedding Ring. Israel Jewelry.

Hand crafted and custom-made 14K Gold ring, with the verse" I am My Beloveds and he is mine"
The letters are cut out, Florentine finish and diamond cut edges.

Custom made ring with the verse you choose, to a specific size.

the gold is marked 14K

Wide- 6mm- 0.25"

14KGold $295

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Usually sent up to 7 days after order.

Transportation time 7-9 days.

The most famous verse is " I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"

You can choose from the verses below the one which describe the best your feeling of love and appreciation.

Verse 1 – אני לדודי ודודי לי
Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine)

Verse 2 – כי אל אשר תלכי אלך
Ki El Asher Telchi Elech (For where you shall go, I'll go)

Verse 3 – זה דודי וזה רעי
Ze Dodi Veze Reei (This is my beloved and this is my friend)
Verse 4 – אהבת עולם אהבתיך
Ahavat Olam Ahavtich (I have loved you with everlasting love)

Verse 5 – יברכך ה' וישמרך

Verse 6 – גם זה יעבור
Gam Ze Ya'avor (This also shall pass)

Verse 7– שמע ישראל
The Famous Jewish Prayer the " Shema" (Hear O Israel)

Verse 8 – וארשתיך לי לעולם
Verastich Li Le Olam (I compromise to you Forever)

Verse 9-אני וביתי נעבוד את השם
Ani Uveti Naavod Et Hashem (As for me and my house we will serve the lord)

Verse 10-תהיה נשמתי קשורה בנפשך
Tihye Nishmati Keshura Benafshecha ( May our souls and spirit will be intertwined)

Verse 11 - אשת חיל מי ימצא
Eshet Chail Mi Imza ( who can find a woman of many Valour)

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Ask me about 18K gold option

Gender: Unisex, Age Group: Adult, Color: Gold, Size: Width 6mm/ 0.28"

14K gold Hebrew Beloved Wedding Ring. Israel Jewelry.

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