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A Chinese painting hanging scroll fine art woodblock print of Banquet by Lantern Light by Ma Yuan, circa 1198-1201. (The original ink and color on silk in Taipei's National Palace Museum) Represent a historical event held by Emperor Ningzong in honor of the empress's adopted family. A poetry inscription by his imperial patron, Empress Yang. Calligraphy and poem on the upper and lower sides of the artwork with a total of 14 red stamped seal marks of several shapes and sizes document the importance of this magnificent artwork. Mounted with a light peach color silk brocade borders in Chinese traditional yisebiao style one color mount, measuring 69" long x 25.5" wide, and the bottom wooden roller 29" wide. The artwork itself is 43.25" x 20.75". It is in good condition consistent with the age and usage.

Notes: Ma Yuan (1160-65 - 1225) was a very versatile Chinese painter of the Song dynasty, he was born in Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang) into a family of painters. His great grandfather Ma Fen served as a painter in attendance at the Northern Song court in the early 12th century, and both his grandfather Ma Xingzu and his father Ma Shirong held the same position at the Southern Song court in Hangzhou. At some point after 1189, Ma Yuan received the same position under Emperor Guangzong and was a favorite of Emperor Ningzong who wrote several poems inspired by Ma Yuan's paintings. (Art Movement: Southern Song Dynasty 1127-1279. Southern Song society was characterized by the pursuit of a highly aestheticized way of life, and paintings of the period often focus on evanescent pleasures and the transience of beauty. Images evoke poetic ideas that appeal to the senses or capture the fleeting qualities of a moment in time. One particularly important source of inspiration for Southern Song artists was the natural beauty of Hangzhou and its environs, especially West Lake, a famed scenic spot ringed with lush mountains and dotted with palaces, private gardens, and Buddhist temples.)

2" (5 cm)
Paper, Textile, Wood, Woodblock
Asian Art, Ethnic Art, Landscape, Romantic
Asian, Ethnic, Historical, Traditional
25.5" (65 cm)
69" (175 cm)
China • Chinese


Chinese art hanging scroll woodblock print Banquet by Lantern Light, Ma Yuan, Song dynasty


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