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This handsome Art Deco clock by Royal Electric is representative of the first wave of electric clocks ever made. The clock movement is in a dark brown Bakelite case. The brown Bakelite cabinet is in very near perfect condition. The lighting causes glares on the cabinet and glass face making it difficult to show the beauty of the clock! For synchronous electric clocks made in the late 1920s and early 1930s, the owner had to manually give the clock rotor a spin by hand in order to get the motor running -- sort of like cranking the old Model T. The nice part about the design is that these old motors last a long time due to their simplicity.

This clock was serviced in 2003; thoroughly cleaned, the coil tested, and the electric cord and plug replaced for safety. The clock runs well. The manual spin-to-start dial on the back requires patience! It requires multiple spins with the clock sitting level, before it "catches" and begins to hum along cheerfully. Like all of the manual start clocks, a power interruption requires a re-start with the spinning process but will continue on running and keeping time quite splendidly until another power outage occurs or it is picked up and moved.

The time adjustment is a little stiff by design, though all moving parts were properly lubricated when cleaned. Some time earlier in the clock's life someone who was servicing the clock cut a notch in the metal backing plate. This notch certainly does not devalue the face and case of the working 90 plus year old clock.
The clock measures (approx): 5-1/2" by 5" by 2-3/4."

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Working! Art Deco Royal Electric Manual Start Clock


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