2 Wigs 8”-9”2 Wigs 8”-9”2 Wigs 8”-9”2 Wigs 8”-9”2 Wigs 8”-9”2 Wigs 8”-9”2 Wigs 8”-9”2 Wigs 8”-9”

I have 2 wigs that I’ve had in my doll room for so long, I don’t remember anything about them including why I even had them! Ever have that moment? Well, I’m admitting it! I know very little about wigs but I will describe them as best I can and hopefully someone will be able to use them. Both boxes are marked Monique 8”-9”. One I know is new marked charmaine and still has the tag, in a hair net and full of curls. I believe it is synthetic. The other is used and has a braid going around it. I believe it is human hair and has been put back in the hairnet I assume the “ winning wig” was in. If you have any questions please contact me as I will answer as best I can with what limited knowledge I have.
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2 Wigs 8”-9”

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