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"Opening Night" is actually the name given to the American version of the perfume "Orage" released by Lucien Lelong in 1935.

Opening Nigh originally came in a pyramid shaped glass bottle (coming soon!), but was replaced by this bottle, designed by Philippe Hiolle. I'm not sure when exactly the replacement took place, but the patent for this style of bottle was filed for in 1938 (North 227), so we can assume it was around that time.

This bottle is in excellent condition. I believe it's still sealed, but please zoom in and make that determination for yourself. Even if it is still sealed, most of the fragrance has evaporated, and what's left is no longer wearable by any normal standard of wearability. It actually looks as if the bottle has never been removed from the backdrop. It's held in place by copper wire. The bottle itself is 2 1/4" tall, and the entire production is 4" tall. It originally held 1/2 fl.oz. of fragrance. The label on the bottom of the box is intact. There is some minor wear to the display.

I do not have the full box, only what is pictured.

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Vintage Commercial Perfume Bottle Lucien Lelong Opening Night



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