I think it might be time for us to start a koi pond as we have quite the mini-collection (4 in all).

This item, along with listings of two others, is the largest articulated Chinese silver and enamel fish we have ever seen! It measures 7" long and the fantail is 5" wide by 4" long!!

It is in good, vintage condition.

The wonderful googly eyes are also referred to as 'telescoping' eyes - a true sign of a vintage fish. New ones are not made the same. If you see other googly eyed ones, they usually are made of brass and the eyes are encircled with the bright brass. The old ones, like this are not made that way.

It is marked under the tail with an impressed "Made in China" mark. A typical 'large' fish is around 3 1/2" and this being twice the size is indeed a sight to behold!

When viewed from the bottom, this one is missing the two front fins and the top fin, while included, someone removed from the piece. We are unable to reaffix it but a jeweler certainly can. The price also reflects some enamel losses.

The body color is a beautiful, vibrant, and bright turquoise blue.

The enormous tale is wavy and undulating and has two folds that have been accomplished by adding separate pieces.

The entire piece is gold washed on sterling grade silver. It weighs an amazing 114 gms.

If you get the top fin reattached it can be hung for decoration or even worn as a pendant.

We hope you can appreciate the rarity of this find and can understand that this can become the heart of a very fine collection. In a lifetime you may never see another like it!

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Early 20th Century
China • Chinese

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7 Inch Chinese Silver Blue Enamel Pendant Articulated Fancy Googly Eyed Fish


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