Horsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll CaseHorsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll CaseHorsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll CaseHorsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll CaseHorsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll CaseHorsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll CaseHorsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll Case

This is a 1950's doll case and is sold as found in our estate inventory with a 9" blond all vinyl jointed Mickey Mouse Doll made by horsman. It is marked on the back of her neck as Horsman 1971. The doll and case are 30 years apart but we are listing it as left in our aunt's doll collection.
The case is in excellent condition, it is 10" X 10" and fits doll perfectly. On the front it has 2 felt made decorations of a jumper and hat.
Both in great condition!

HORSMAN Horsman Dolls, Inc. History Horsman Dolls, Inc., is one of America's oldest doll and toy manufacturers. It was founded during the mid-nineteenth century, circa 1865, by Mr. Edward Iseman Horsman. His first business was located in New York City, New York, and he sold both retail and wholesale, making and specializing in children's toys, games, and other types of amusements. By all accounts, Mr. Horsman established an early reputation as a "good" businessman among his toy manufacturing contemporaries; his singular aim was to please the public. He followed the public fads which ranged from the early baseball craze to the later public pre-occupation with tricycles and spring horses. It appears that Mr. Horsman seemed to always follow popular trends, maintaining a finger on the public pulse, and creating a few trends of his own. Around the late nineteenth century, the E.I. Horsman Company, Inc. was manufacturing tricycles, spring horses, skates, sleighs, doll carriages, baseball accessories, and early board games. It is believed that as early as the late 1860's to mid-1870's, the company began to import doll parts -- heads and bodies -- from Europe, possibly Germany. The earliest dolls to be assembled by the company are reported to be bisque heads and cloth bodies. Mr. Horsman continued to import or buy doll parts to assemble, selling fully completed dolls, until around the turn of the century, circa 1900. At this time, the company began to focus its efforts on creating some dolls of their own. It was during this time that the public became enchanted by the bear hunting tales about President Theodore Roosevelt. Attempting to capitalize on these hunting adventures, many of the toy manufacturers competed with each other to make an acceptable stuffed bear that would "win" the hearts of the American public. Among them, of course, was the E.I. Horsman Company which was quite successful in this venture, In fact, according to a September, 1906, advertisement in Playthings magazine, Mr. Horsman called his creations "Teddy's Bears" following the name which had been given to the bears through newspaper accounts. The history of the "Ideal Doll Company" also claims to have coined this particular phrase. It is unknown which account is true. By 1914, at the onset of World War I, the American doll industry had suffered quite a few setbacks. Importation of the bisque heads came almost to an abrupt halt as imports from Germany were curtailed. Many American potters attempted to fill this gap with their version of a bisque doll head but few were successful. Between 1918 and 1925 the Fulper Pottery Company featured heads which were made from molds obtained from the Armand Marseille Company of Germany. Horsman bought many heads from Fulper. By the late 1920's, bisque head dolls had lost their popularity in the US. Horsman was one of the first doll producers to market a special type of composition doll called "Can't Break 'Em Heads." This product was available as early as 1911 when the Campbell Kids first made their appearance as dolls. By the 1920's, most of the dolls being produced in this country were made of composition. The period between 1920 and 1940 is often referred to as the "composition craze period." Horsman made thousands of compo dolls during that time. It is estimated that his production was up to 6000 a day. The Regal Doll manufacturing company acquired the E.I. Horsman Doll Company in 1940, and changed the name to Horsman Dolls, Inc. The company is still in business, and still uses that name. By the late 1940's the company was producing up to 12,000 dolls a day and their Trenton New Jersey plant employed over 600 people who lived in the neighborhoods surrounding the plant. The company started producing vinyl and plastic dolls in 1947. They developed soft plastics that they called "Super Flex" and "Fairy Skin" in the mid-fifties. The Horsman Doll Company has existed for more than 100 years and has repeatedly earned the reputation as one of America's best-loved and best-known doll companies

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Horsman Mickey Mouse Club Doll with Doll Case

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