Martiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and MattedMartiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and Matted

Here is a great Martiros Manoukian Acrylic Painting/Serigraph that is an Artist Proof for your buying consideration. Recently acquired it at an estate sale where the party was quite an art collector. Would make a great gift or keep it for yourself!

Before we get to describing this piece, we wanted to let you know that we have some other great pieces of artwork that are listed in our store. They all came from the same avid art collector that this piece came from, whom either passed away or is downsizing. All of the artwork pieces are professionally framed and matted (Wentworth, Newman, etc.).

This artwork will be made available for sale separately in our store. There are 3 more Martiros Manoukian serigraphs ("Celestial Couple", "Harlequin Lullaby". and "Icon"), two that are artist proofs with only 30 or 40 being issued. We also have a Schluss limited edition serigraph entitled, "Harmony". And then there is a large Marc Chagall limited edition Serigraph entitled, "Moses and the Ten Commandments" from around 1966. There is also an Edna Hibel limited edition floral print.

Beautiful colors and detailing to this Serigraph by the Armenian/Russian artist Martiros Manoukian. The subject is centered around a harlequin wearing a sad mask and holding a sleeping face in one of his hands. As is true with many of Manokian's works there is a guitar body and neck captured to the left of the harlequin's body. The painting has vibrant colors of red, blue, silver, gold, and black. The serigraph is entitled "Harlequin Lullaby". The acrylic paint is raised in many places, not just a print here. The piece appears to be acrylic on paper. Some other sites refer to this type as a mixed media.

The piece is noted "AP" and "38 of 40" in the left hand bottom, so this is an artist proof with a very limited edition run. His non-artist proof pieces had edition sizes of 395. That information is noted in red paint on the serigraph. The artist signature is applied in red paint as well. You typically see a serigraph as a flat image as in a print. This piece is just beautiful with the raised details on it and the excellent use of colors.

The painting is in a black colored with gold highlighting and gold speckling on the frame. Very minor finish loss to it. The glass is intact with no cracking or blistering. The backing paper is in place. The matting is a dark gray color with a run of gold bordering then a white matting with a gold border where the matting meets the painting. The piece was framed and matted at Wentworth Gallery in Miami, FL per the tag on the back of it, so a high quality frame/matting package here on this nice work of art.

The painting in frame is 50.75" tall, by 42.25" across, by 1.75" wide. The painting inside the matting is 36" tall by 26.25" across. Let us know if you have any questions or need additional pictures. Easily a $1,000 plus framing and matting job on this serigraph. So, in conclusion, this is a beautiful and large piece that would be great for that finishing touch on a wall in your home or office. Don’t be shy to make an offer, we are always open to reasonable suggestions.

This Martiros Manoukian Serigraph is for local pickup in Wilmington DE. Buyer is also welcome to make their own packing and shipping arrangements as well. I have had a lot of clients use blanket ship companies like Antiques Express or one of the national moving chains for higher end artwork pieces like this one. We have also had our customers use the local UPS store for packing and shipping. We will also offer to deliver the Manoukian Serigraph within 250 miles of Wilmington, DE one way. Price would be $1.25 per mile for the round trip delivery plus any tolls/parking fees. So, for example, if 40 miles to your property and $10 in tolls, it would be $110 (2*40*$1.25+$10) for seller to deliver item to you.

Make sure that this item meets your needs and requirements before deciding to acquire it. The item can be returned, there is a 10% restocking fee to do so.

Some information about the artist, Martiros Manoukian, from the internet;

MARTIROS MANOUKIAN Artist: Martiros Manoukian Russian Artist: b. 1947 - Even as a child, Martiros Manoukian exhibited his great enthusiasm for freedom, adventure, and nature. Full of energy and the desire for self-expression, Martiros was already quite the individual, rebelling against the status quo, conformity, and anything "collective" in character. Martiros' unusually advanced artistic ability enabled him to enter the Academy of Art in Yerevan in 1967, directly from high school. On those rare occasions when Martiros does speak about art, his thoughts are a delight to hear: "My style is life, and I like life very much. Martiros' motif is beauty; the serenade, music are my life motif, I enjoy mixing media because art is freedom, my feelings, my victory, I do not actually know what I feel when I paint; I just paint my mood, a feeling that camera's eye cannot catch, some special, subtle angle that perhaps others would not see." His colors combine mood and movement, key elements of his work. Some works by Martiros reflect something of antiquity in his homeland, reflections of centuries-old icons of Russian Orthodoxy. Others express contemporary images. All in one way or another, celebrate love of life and freedom.

Some information about what a Harelquin is from our friends at Wikipedia;

Harlequin (/ˈhɑrləˌkwɪn/; Italian: Arlecchino, French: Arlequin) is the most well known of the zanni or comic servant characters from the Italian Commedia dell'arte. Traditionally believed to have been introduced by Zan Ganassa in the late 16th century,[1] the role was definitively popularized by the Italian actor Tristano Martinelli in Paris in 1584–1585[2] and became a stock character after Martinelli's death in 1630.
The Harlequin is characterized by his chequered costume. His role is that of a light-hearted, nimble and astute servant, often acting to thwart the plans of his master, and pursuing his own love interest, Colombina, with wit and resourcefulness, often competing with the sterner and melancholic Pierrot. He later develops into a prototype of the romantic hero. Harlequin inherits his physical agility and his trickster qualities, as well as his name, from a mischievous "devil" character in medieval passion plays.
The Harlequin character came to England early in the 17th century and took center stage in the derived genre of the Harlequinade, developed in the early 18th century by John Rich.[3] As the Harlequinade portion of English dramatic genre pantomime developed, Harlequin was routinely paired with the character Clown. As developed by Joseph Grimaldi around 1800, Clown became the mischievous and brutish foil for the more sophisticated Harlequin, who became more of a romantic character. The most influential such pair in Victorian England were the Payne Brothers, active during the 1860s and 1870s.

Some other fine artwork we currently have up in our store for sale separately for your buying advantage;

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Just put the listing number into the search line and the item will come right up or just go into our store under artwork. Thanks.

So, please carefully review all the attached pictures, ask all the questions you have, come see in person or send a friend to see the item on your behalf, prior to deciding to acquire it.

Please check out our other Timeless Tokens store listings as we are regularly adding new items. We specialize in antique and vintage artwork, books, collectibles, furniture, musical instruments, paper ephemera, marine/nautical, and clocks/watches. Thanks for your business. (C15074).

Item ID: C15074

Beautiful Martiros Manoukian Acrylic Artist Proof Painting/Serigraph for your decor needs. See item description and pictures.

Martiros Manoukian Acrylic Serigraph "Harlequin's Lullaby" Artist Proof 38 0f 40 Framed and Matted

$2,700 $3,000 SALE

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