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Fabulous vivid colors in this oval wall hanging featuring a Native American campsite with glowing campfire, blue smoke rising from it, next to a teepee along a body of water, maybe river, maybe a lake. Forest surround with tall evergreen trees. Behind the campsite, hillsides and then mountains with snow.

Colors of blues, greens, browns, oranges, yellow, white, shades of purple and pinks in the hillsides.

Absolutely charming.

Dates to the 1920s-1930s when this sort of trinket was given for holiday season advertising. This one is stamped:

“Best Wishes From W.H.REID, HARDWARE McCallsburg, Iowa”

Includes glass front.

Weighs 11.1 oz without any packaging


10 and 1/8” from top to bottom

8” across

3/8” deep

Image area: 6 and 3/4” across by 8 and 3/4” up and down.

Metal frame with a dotted swirled blue and green turquoise sort of look. Has 8 half moon fold-over tabs to keep the content of glass, image and backing in place.

Plain cardboard backing.

Has rust at

*upper right corner,

*lower right just past the wide part,

*at the lower left corner, with tiny spots of rust along that edge, and

*a few more spots of rust at the upper left just past the wide part.

Oh, and the ribbon in some of the images? Is now gone, it just disintegrated in our hands. The new owner could easily replace with another ribbon if wanted.

Perfect decor for a family lake house or cabin, or in a cozy den or local neighborhood lounge.

Blue, Brown, Gold, Green
Early 20th Century

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1920s 1930s Outdoor Campsite on the Water Print Wall Hanging Advertising Collectible


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