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This cool little spring pinball game dates to the 1950s when these toys were often some of the favorite contents of a Christmas stocking!

This measures: 3” across by 6.25” (to end of shooter knob). It has a couple of little plastic legs underneath that provide a tilt so the balls roll downhill: it is 1” at the tall end.

It includes 5 BB pellets.

The graphics include diamond shapes, harlequins and starburst in bright colors of red, yellow, green, blue and white.

Along the bottom, the goals range from 10 to 50 from left to right. The more difficult goals, though, range from 500 all the way up to 4,000! Those higher numbered goals are 8 little curved cups that offer to hold the BBs interspersed with little plastic knobs to make it harder to have them land in those cups.

Patent number 2634129. We see other sellers crediting this as being Marx.

This has some surface scratches and is cloudy, but it is playable; we just advise to be careful with it.

Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow

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Vintage 1950s Mini Pocket Pinball Plastic Toy Stocking Stuffer


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