This very pretty piece of embroidered lace work is estimated to be from the 1920s, if not possibly earlier. It was intended to be used as a dresser or small table topper or runner (since it’s longer than wider), and we have seen some suggest to use them as a centerpiece on a larger table, often for bridal or baby showers.

This has a scalloped edge with a floral design with swirls and dots, and an almost feathery or paisley-esche look in some places.

Measures: 13.5” x 31”

Overall, this is in amazing condition for it’s age, with only the following noted:

Less Than Perfect issues: Freshly hand laundered, this does have a small light brown spot about 2.5” in from one corner; we had a hard time finding it to measure it (it’s about ¼” long), we were able to lighten it since we originally photographed it. We also found two holes (1/8”) located 2” in from one side near a corner, and 4” in from the other side. This is not distracting, and, if you have a very steady hand and lots of patience, it could have a couple of tiny stitches made to disguise it a bit, if the new owner wishes to.

In the full length photos of this, those issues are not readily visible.

The definition of Tambour lace from Wikipedia: Tambour lace refers to a family of lace made by stretching a fine net over a frame (Tambour, from the French for drum) and then creating a chain stitch using a fine hook to reach through the net and draw the working thread through the net.


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