From the early 1900s, a tan cotton crocheted handbag with ball tassels on the ends of the drawstrings.

The bag is in an open pattern, it actually looks very much like macrame weaving; it is very sturdy, very strong, with a lot of life left in it; the drawstrings have a rope-like look with two oval crocheted balls on each end; these are in fine condition, but more fragile than the bag itself.

When we acquired it, it was tangled up in a bunch of loose threads, it looked like it had spent a lot of time in the bottom of someone's mending basket with all those threads around it. They loosened and came off very nicely, though.

The bottom circle is extremely sturdy and beautifully crafted; it does appear to be a bit soiled, as do the sides of the bag. We have not tried to clean or soak this (yet).

This measures 22” around the top when fully extended.

The bottom circle is 4.25” across.

It is 8.5” from the bottom of the bag (the edge of the circle) to the top of the bag.

The drawstrings extend about 7” on one side and about 8” on the opposite side when stretched out and laid flat. When pulled tight around the opening of the bag, they measure about 17 to 18” long each.

On the inside of the bottom of the bag there is a moss green faille lining that is quite worn and open to expose under-stitching and another layer of the same faille. We are leaving this as acquired for it’s authenticity.

It is quite wearable in it’s current state, however I would be careful of the drawstrings, though. This could also work nicely as part of a visual display for vintage clothing and/or jewelry, as well.

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Antique Early 1900s Crocheted Drawstring Handbag Purse


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