The front of this lidded pottery piece has a hibiscus flower and leaf design which apparently was originally cold painted as there is a smidge of yellow in the center of the flower, and a couple more flicks along the curve of leaves. We love her just as she is.

The color is an outstanding robin's egg blue: it even has subtle brown speckles in it as a real robin's egg has! We have seen this color on both McCoy and Weller pottery; there may be other manufacturers that used it, as well.

This could be considered a bean pot, a canister or a cookie jar, we honestly do not know which it was intended to be. Whichever it is, it adds a pretty pop of color to your kitchen or dining room counter, hutch or kitchen table. We also like to use clever vintage containers like this for dog and cat treats, as well.

This is stamped USA in a rectangle on the bottom.

The base is 5.5" high, and 8.5" across at the handles. The domed lid settles nicely in the rim trough and adds an extra 1.25" making it 6.75" total height. She can hold 2 and 1/2 quarts.

If we can ship for less, we will, and will refund the extra paid back to you. We guesstimated the weight of this, so it may be less. If, by chance, it weighs more than our estimate, we will pay any extra to cover shipping.

We love gifting beautiful vintage home wares such as this for newlyweds and graduates; it adds some visual interest and personality for a new home or office.

Blue, Yellow
Canisters, Cookie Jars

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Vintage 1940s Aqua Teal Stoneware Pottery Ceramic Cookie Jar Bean Pot with Lid 2.5 Qt


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