Ancient Gold coin from the Byzantine Empire (AD 613-641)Ancient Gold coin from the Byzantine Empire (AD 613-641)Ancient Gold coin from the Byzantine Empire (AD 613-641)Ancient Gold coin from the Byzantine Empire (AD 613-641)

This ancient gold coin from the Byzantine Empire minted almost 1,400 years ago and survived throughout centuries of various environmental climate changes is in mint condition. Despite the environmental and climate changes which usually affect the condition of ancient coinage this example of a Byzantine Empire gold coin is in pristine condition. It has been graded by NGC, an independent grading organization with 4/5 Strike and 4/5 Surface, which means is that this coin’s state of preservation is virtually as good as it gets for that time period. The symbolism of Christianity is quite apparent on this specific coin. The two emperors co-reigning on the obverse of this coin, and the symbol of the cross across between the emperors to signifying how important Christianity was for the people of that that time period. Out of Byzantium, considered the new capital of the new Roman Empire’s after the division of the old empire, the country embraced Christianity was the primary religion. Eventually with the spread and growth of the Christian faith the capital of Byzantium was later renamed Constantinople in honor of Constantine the Great (the first roman emperor to practice Christianity). Throughout the span of three hundred years since Constantine the Great establish Christianity as the country’s dominant faith, which allowed the roman citizens to freely worship Christ, Christian symbolism were designed into the coinage of the Byzantine .

Heraclius+ Heraculis Constantine
AV Solidus (4.48g)
Two emperors
Rv cross potent on steps


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Ancient Gold coin from the Byzantine Empire (AD 613-641)


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