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It has been eighty years since the day that will live in infamy occurred. Here are four books commemorating the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and our Pacific fleet. The photos show the front covers, back covers and publisher’s information. #1. Pearl Harbor Attack: Copyright 1974 by Leeward Publications of NJ.
32 pages of information and B&W photos. #2. Pearl Harbor Story December 7, 1941. Printed in 1969 by Tongg Publishing Co. LTD, Hawaii. 48 pages of information and B&W photos. #3. After the Battle Then & Now. Pearl Harbor Number 38. Copyright 1982. Printed in Great Britain by Plaistow Press. 52 pages of color & BW photos with information. #4. Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial: A Pictorial History. Revised edition 1986. Printed by Pacific Basin Enterprises, Hawaii. 66 pages of color and BW photos with information. Condition is good for all books. Some soft corners. #1 has water evidence on lower right corner.


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4 Pearl Harbor Books


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