Belgium Pewter PorringerBelgium Pewter PorringerBelgium Pewter PorringerBelgium Pewter PorringerBelgium Pewter Porringer

Exceptional attention to detail went into the manufacture of this special pewter porringer by Potstainiers Hutois of Belgium. The ear features a money bag tied with a flowing ribbon. The ribbon bears the saying "La Fortune Aux Audacieux"; Fortune favors the brave. Inside is the profile of Louis Phillipe I and the word Francais. I cannot read the entire inscription as I did not attempt to polish. The backside has the original red paper label of Les Postainiers Hutois of Belgium. On the left is an image of a worker pouring a liquid, possibly hot pewter, over the letters GF on a shield. On the right side is the image of a castle with T to its left and F to its right. The bowl measures 2 5/8 inches across. With the ear, the piece measures 3 7/8 inches. The ear measures 1 7/8 inches across at its widest point. This exceptionally well-made pewter porringer is dull from aging, though the age is unknown to this seller.


Belgium Pewter Porringer


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