Even though this farmer has a white beard, he is a real cutie. Big blue eyes, little wire-rimmed glasses and big straw hat along with the customary plaid shirt and blue overalls; all add up to his being the farmer who owns the well in which your Valentine wish has been kept for safe keeping. The message states: my Wishing Well always makes wishes come true. And my Valentine wish will forever be.....heart you. The well is made of cobble stones and has a wooden roof structure. The farmer's puppy agrees - he loves you! 6.5 x 4.5 inches. Made in U.S.A. The back is darkened. There is pencil writing on the back. The small foot / prop is delicate, but remains attached.


Why? Why Not

Mechanical Farmer /Well Valentine


    He says "why?" she says " why not."
    Offering the unexpected, the eclectic, the "gotta-have-it.


    since 2015