This sailor has been trained to use signal flags to send messages. The green and white flags in his hands have big red hearts on them. The message, "A Signal of My Love For You." A pleasant smile is on his baby face with brown eyes, rosy cheeks, and dark hair under his sailor's cap. He wears a white sailor's uniform with a blue collar and red sash framing a red heart on his tee shirt. The back of the card bears the pine tree logo of the Carrington Card Company of Chicago, Illinois. There is a bold font E on the body of the tree. There is a prop on the back to stand him up. A brass pin allows his arms to move from right to left. The paper has darkened with age and some faint, stray marks are found on the front. Measures 7.5 x 2.75 inches.


Why? Why Not

Carrington Sailor Valentine


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    He says "why?" she says " why not."
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