Unsigned Clapsaddle Valentine:  Married Bliss?Unsigned Clapsaddle Valentine:  Married Bliss?Unsigned Clapsaddle Valentine:  Married Bliss?

Ellen Clapsaddle has put this pair of adorable children in the role of an old married couple. It is unsigned, but is so typical of Clapssaddle who would question it's artist. The girl has her mob cap and apron on and sits at her spinning wheel doing a woman's chores. The young man has a blonde cowlick, has slippered feet and is looking cozy as he sits crossed legged reading Cupid's News. A cat and dog complete the homefront scene. She looks as if to say 'Girls, it never changes.' The card's message: "To My Valentine. I'd dearly like to read to you; If you will just send me a line, To say You'll be My Valentine." The back is divided and trademarked by Wolf with their wolf in front of the globe and a W in a box. 452. Made in U.S.A. There is a message and address in ink on the back, however it was never posted.


Unsigned Clapsaddle Valentine: Married Bliss?


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