This embossed Valentine is charming. The couple on the front consists of a shy girl with straight hair and a plain blue overdress, her partner is a proud boy holding onto her arm. His head is held high, his hat at a jaunty angle. He is wearing a blue string tie and a red coat made proud by a yellow boutonniere. His green shorts have been patched with blue plaid material. Both have baggy socks. She is shyly sneaking a look at her beau with side glancing eyes; she would never turn her head! "Love's Greeting. Come, walk with me and be not shy. Place your hand into mine, We'll take the road that leads us nigh. To good St. Valentine." A stamp stating: Painting only copyrighted by the Int. Art Pub. co. 1908 is found beside the boy's foot. The previous owner has written "unsigned Clapsaddle in pencil on the back. The card was postmarked 1910. The stamp is missing. There is a message and address in ink. The back is divided: For Correspondence / For Address Only. The upper left corner has the International Art Publishing Co. logo. New York Berlin Printed in Germany. The card is in very good condition. Corners are not sharp, but are barely soft.


Why? Why Not

Love's Greeting: Unsigned Clapsaddle Valentine


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    He says "why?" she says " why not."
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