To see a Jing actor for the first time in a Chinese Opera can be a startling experience. This figurine will give you the idea. His makeup is a fierce looking white face, bold black markings forming the warrior mask with a large red splotch on his forehead. The fierce look is carried out with the elaborate head dress which gives the image of magnificence and power beginning with the gold & blue decorated fabric topped with large globular protrusions. His robe is predominantly red to indicate goodness. Golden dragons intertwined with blue generously decorate the robe. The geometric border features lines of gold, blue & red with white floral figures setting it off. The sleeves end in extra wide openings to shoe off the white gown beneath. The signature is a block stamp of oriental characters. This could have been a souvenir for the opera fan. It comes in a padded silk lined box covered in patterned silk material. The closure consists of two white pins which slip through fabric loops. The figurine is 5.75 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide. The box is 6.75 inches x 4 inches x 3.65 inches. The clay figure is in excellent condition with one flaw: one bauble is missing from the head dress. The box has aged a bit, but is in good shape with no flaws.

Chinese Opera Jing Character
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Why? Why Not

Chinese Opera Figurine-Jing Character; Artist Signed


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