c.1915 Pocket Knife with photosc.1915 Pocket Knife with photosc.1915 Pocket Knife with photosc.1915 Pocket Knife with photos

Measurements: LENGTH: closed: 1 1/4" - fully opened : 7 1/4" - WEIGHT: 1.9 oz.
Knife blades: 2.5" and 1 3/4"

I am dating this pocket knife to the early 1900's because of the clothing shown in the 6 photos covered by the amber plastic. Looking at the photos under magnification, it would seem that the photos are of the same man wearing different hats and shirts. The mystery is why? The only other photo montages I have seen within the same time range were "theatrical" giveaways - used to advertise specific actors and/or theatrical productions.

No rust or broken blades. The only damage is a tiny nick at the very edge of plastic.

I did not polish the blades so that you might better see their original condition.

Each blade had an impressed mark (German?). Impossible for me to photograph or to decipher under magnification.


c.1915 Pocket Knife with photos


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