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Therese Rowe, Maplewood MO   

Tiny Binoculars with Dual Stanhope Viewers.Tiny Binoculars with Dual Stanhope Viewers.Tiny Binoculars with Dual Stanhope Viewers.Tiny Binoculars with Dual Stanhope Viewers.

I never understood why we say 'a pair' of binoculars, or a pair of glasses when it's just one thing. Suppose because the item is for a pair of eyes?

It took me a while to focus these pair of old eyes to see inside the binoculars. I discovered a 19th c. photo of the White House. The other photograph is also 19th c., of the Capitol Building. You have to turn the binoculars a bit to get the photos upright. It is also written, under the photo of the Capitol building, 'Souvenir of Washington D.C.' in that old script written on old photos in the 19th century. There is a tiny loop on the binoculars that suggests one might attach them as a charm on a bracelet. I don't know how to take a picture of the two photos inside the Stanhope.

The binoculars are made of bone or early celluloid with brass trim. Doing a bit of research, on Google and here on Ruby Lane, it is fair to date the Stanhope binoculars to the 1890s,

The binoculars are one inch long by about a half inch tall, without damage.

Just the perfect treasure for that traveling lady doll--French or German. Thank you for stopping by. Ask any questions.

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Tiny Binoculars with Dual Stanhope Viewers.


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Therese Rowe

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