An exceptionally rare Ming dynasty archers ring hand carved in natural rock crystal quartz.

These rings were a status symbol of the time and were worn by top ranking officials and royalty in China.

They were worn on the thumb of the right hand.

This ring is a one of a kind antique piece of museum quality.

It has been tested to be rock crystal by our gemologists here.

The ring has a cloud pattern which completely covered the outside edge. The inside is completely smooth.

On a ring gauge it will fit a size 12 3/4 to 12 7/8 US.

It is 19.4mm to 19.6mm wide across the whole band. The small variation is evidence of being completely carved by hand in this very hard material.

The ring is in excellent condition ready to gift or to wear.

A full appraisal accompanies this extraordinary ring.


Unfortunately, many items represented as authentic Antiquities are not genuinely ancient objects at all. Instead they are later reproductions, mostly of very recent manufacture, though a few reproductions of ancient objects are much older. Regardless of age if a later reproduction is represented as genuinely ancient then it becomes a 'fake' antiquity.
Likewise, if a later reproduction is represented as genuinely antique then it becomes a 'fake' antique.

It is always wise to deal with experienced and knowledgable dealers who are members of the governing international and national antique and art dealers associations. The membership process involves assessments of the dealer's reputation, industry experience, qualifications and knowledge. Only those meeting these standards are granted membership. Membership formally recognizes the dealer's expertise. Members comply with the associations' codes of practice and guidelines regarding authenticity and reproductions.

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Estate, Fine
Clear, Colorless, White
Quartz, Rock Crystal
Georgian, Medieval, OOAK One-of-a-Kind
12 7/8 to 12 3/4 US

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