Here we have an exceptionally rare 18th century Antique Chinese hand carved jade book bound with silk and covered front and back with carved wooden panels.

This wonderful piece dates to the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty 1736 to 1795. It is an astonishing surviving example from the period.

The book consists of eight (8) hand carved spinach green jade panels. These are incised front and back with works of Confucius. An incised portrait of Confucius appears to a jade panel in the front of the volume. The panel at the back of the volume depicts two imperial dragons with five claws.

These beautifully carved panels are inset in thick hand woven silk bound into a book with hard wood carved into front and back covers. The volume bindings and jade panels are in excellent condition. Some scratches appear to one side of the hardwood cover of the volume. It presents beautifully.

It is heavy weighing approximately 1734 grams.

The bound volume of hand carved jade panels measures approximately 8 7/8" tall by 5 5/8" wide by 1 7/8" tall (225mm x 143mm x 47mm).

This is an exceedingly rare jade book from the period.

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The photos form part of the description of this rare 18th Century hand carved jade book.


Unfortunately, many items represented as Jade both online and elsewhere are not Jade but are actually a variety of other minerals, rocks or man-made materials that to varying degrees look like Jade but are not. These items are are generally regarded as 'fake' jades, even though they might be given misleading names like Peking jade, Dushan jade, Ice jade and so on.

In modern usage Jade is a term that correctly used means either Nephrite Jade or Jadeite Jade and not other materials.

In addition, Ruby Lane listing guidelines stipulate that any items offered for sale as Jade must be in fact either Nephrite Jade or Jadeite Jade.

As professional gemmologists, registered valuers, specialist appraisers, jewellery historians, antique and jade dealers with over forty years experience, we have the necessary expertise, qualifications, training and lab facilities to ensure that every Jade item we offer for sale has been fully tested including density testing and is genuine Jade, that is either Nephrite or Jadeite.

We advise collectors, antique dealers, auction houses, insurers and jewellers. We are involved in the management and development of private collections of antiques, antiquities and jewels including important Jades and Asian antiques.

It is the case that in neolithic and ancient China, and ever since, objects have been carved from a variety of hardstones not just Nephrite. However, for those early carvers who had access to Nephrite Jade, it would have been the case that they could readily distinguish Nephrite from the other hardstones by its unique and difficult working properties. In early Chinese cultures that had access to Nephrite, it appears that Nephrite was the preferred material for the the manufacture of certain kinds of ritualistic and other objects. Later, Nephrite came to be associated with the noble moral qualities of Confucianism. Nephrite became the preferred material for the production of important and valuable carved objects, and carved Nephrite objects became the possessions of a priviledged few. During the Qing dynasty, Jadeite from Burma became available to Chinese carvers and by the end of the Qing had become the preferred material for jewellery and many kids of carved objects.

It is also the case that most reproductions of more recent manufacture are made from materials other than Jade, this due to the much higher cost of Nephrite and Jadeite in comparison with that of other materials such as Serpentine and so on.

Of course there is a great deal more to the process of accurately dating antique and archaic jades and identifying reproductions than correctly identifying the material and placing it in context. It is a field too vast to summarize here. It requires an extensive knowledge of and experience examining both genuine archaic and antique jades and reproductions. Some matters for consideration include: are the stylistic features correct for the culture and period, does high magnification reveal period correct carving techniques and tool marks or do these indicate later manufacture, does high magnification and testing reveal period consistent surface changes due to age and prolonged burial or are these absent or are the surface changes that are seen instead consistent with the various artificial processes that may be applied to a later reproduction in order to simulate the surface changes of age and burial. We use our expertise, experience and facilities to carefully assess every object we handle, only those jades that meet the criteria for authenticity and period are offered for sale. In addition, the jade objects we offer for sale on Ruby Lane as Jade must be either Nephrite Jade or Jadeite Jade.


Unfortunately, many items represented as authentic Antiquities are not genuinely ancient objects at all. Instead they are later reproductions, mostly of very recent manufacture, though a few reproductions of ancient objects are much older. Regardless of age if a later reproduction is represented as genuinely ancient then it becomes a 'fake' antiquity.
Likewise, if a later reproduction is represented as genuinely antique then it becomes a 'fake' antique.

It is always wise to deal with experienced and knowledgable dealers who are members of the governing international and national antique and art dealers associations. The membership process involves assessments of the dealer's reputation, industry experience, qualifications and knowledge. Only those meeting these standards are granted membership. Membership formally recognizes the dealer's expertise. Members comply with the associations' codes of practice and guidelines regarding authenticity and reproductions.

We are of course members of the premier national and international associations for antique and art dealers, namely...

- Members of the Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art CINOA
- Members of the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association AA&ADA

as well as...

- Members of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers NCJV
- Members and Fellows of the Gemmological Association of Australia GAA
- Members of the Society of Jewellery Historians

We advise collectors, antique dealers, auction houses, insurers and jewellers. We are involved in the management and development of private collections of antiques, antiquities and jewels including important Jades and Asian antiques.

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