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Just in time for Halloween, here is the Mt. Pleasant Black Glass 7-inch Rolled Up Bonbon by L.E. Smith. LE Smith’s black amethyst glass is so opaque that it is highly reflective, causing every speck of dust to be magnified in the photos. What looks like applied color in the photos is simply reflection. The pattern has six indentations around the rim, and two scalloped handles are applied to the outside of each turned-up side. The Mt. Pleasant pattern is nicknamed “Double Shield,” here seen in the way the handle is attached to the piece. Each handle has a design of circles at the three points connected with an imprinted line. The bonbon has a 4-1/4 inch diameter raised, circular foot.

The beautiful dish is 7-1/4 inches long, 5-1/4 inches wide, and 2-3/4 inches high at the rolled-up handles.

Made by L.E. Smith between the 1920s and 1934, there is no mark.

There are a few of the usual expected surface scratches, and one of these is about 1-1/2 inches long and deeper than most. Other than the possible expected irregularities characteristic of Depression Era Glass, there is no damage.

This bonbon is perfect for those special treats at your Halloween party!

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Depression Glass
L. E. Smith Glass Co.
United States • American
Bonbons, Candy Dish

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Mt. Pleasant Black Amethyst Glass 7-inch Rolled Up Bonbon 2-handled LE Smith


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