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Miss America Pink Depression Glass Sherbet by Hocking Glass - image 1 of 10

Lovely on their own, any of these Miss America Pink Depression Glass Sherbets by Hocking would make a beautiful presentation with the matching sherbet plates also offered in my shop! The pretty Diamond Pattern of Miss America is unmistakable. One of the most popular Depression Glass patterns, its rows of hobnail diamonds give it plenty of angles for the light to reflect and bounce. These stemmed sherbets have rows of diamonds below the 1/2-inch rim, with rays on the underside of the square foot. The color varies in these Miss America sherbets, but the variation of color in this inexpensive glass is normal. Some of the sherbets offered are a soft pastel pink, some are the darker pink usually associated with Depression Glass, and some are a shade of pink somewhere in between. The last photo shows this color variation.

Each sherbet measures 3-5/8 inches tall and 3-3/8 inches in diameter. Each side of the square foot is 2-1/4 inches long.

Production of this unmarked pattern, from 1935 to 1938, spanned the 1937 merger that changed Hocking to Anchor Hocking Glass.

Each of these sherbets has a nearly imperceptible nick on a corner of the foot. Other than the expected flaws characteristic of Depression Era Glass, such as bubbles, mold seam roughness, or other irregularities, there is no other damage. Priced separately for your convenience, please email me to save shipping costs when purchasing more than one.

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Depression Glass
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Miss America Pink Depression Glass Sherbet by Hocking Glass

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