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Here are the stunning Thistle No. 10 Etch Crystal Water Goblets by Central Glass to match the sherbets also listed at Maggie Belle's Memories! Offered here on Stem #1241, Thistle is a detailed deep plate etch of curved leaves and arching blossoms of the thistle plant. The design winds around the paneled optic deep bowl of each water glass.

Central Glass Works and Tiffin Glass were sister companies under US Glass and both marketed this pattern. Their designs are virtually identical. This etch is Thistle No. 10 etch on No. 1241 Stem.

Each of these beautiful goblets measures 6-1/2 inches tall. Perched on a 2-3/4 inch foot, each is 2-3/4 inches in diameter at the rim.

Made by Central Glass Works from 1908 into the 1920s, there is no mark. According to Central Glass Works by Tim Schmidt, President and Mrs. Harding used Thistle as their everyday crystal in the White House in 1920.

There are dark spots on the rims suggesting these may have had a platinum rim. There are no other condition issues. They ring like fine crystal when "pinged" and will display beautifully.

Two of the photos are on darker backgrounds to show the pattern more clearly.

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Central Glass Clear Thistle No. 10 Etch Water Goblets - Set of Four


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