The Bridge, 1942, Oil on Canvas, 22 x 37," (sight) - image 1 of 3

Knud Sinding, 1875 – 1946
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Sinding belonged to a school of painting that was grounded in bright and vivid colors. That school was based on the work of a famous artist and professor by the name of Kristian Zahrtmann. In addition to a bright palette, and like the the Impressionists, he painted ordinary people doing ordinary things, which were invariably in the countryside. Sinding developed a special fondness for the western side of Jutland, which was grounded in brown earth tones, highlighted by bright flowers.

Although this bridge is actually located in western Jutland, it looks just like New Mexico.

Condition: Repair of small chips in the sky.
Framing: Genuine Cherry wood, 1 1/4" wide, 2 1/2" deep.
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Oil Paint, Canvas

Northern Light Art

The Bridge, 1942, Oil on Canvas, 22 x 37," (sight)


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