"Russian Hawthorne" in Winter, 1980, Oil on Canvas, 21 x 25 1/2" (sight) - image 1 of 4

Victor Brocktorff, 1911 - 1992 - Renown Modernist painter

Victor was heavily influenced by the years he spent living and studying in Paris between 1946 and 1951. At first, his motifs were of urban scenes which reflected his sympathy for social causes. Not French social causes alone, but universal humanity. Later, he concentrated on landscapes with an emphasis on trees, bushes, flowers, and other vegetation. The aim was not to make them pretty but to reveal their individual personality. Light and color were of particular interest, often with a bluish tint. All of which can be witnessed in this motif of what appears to be a Russian Hawthorn in snow.

Snow is the ideal ground, not only because white is a excellent contrast with other colors, but it too has a number of undertones; pink and blue in particular. Snow on the branches also helps to delineate the individual characteristics of every branch, as well help the viewer see the house in the background.

Painting is in excellent condition, recently cleaned, no repairs. Frame is in good condition, normal wear and tear (24 x 28 1/2" framed)

Oil Paint, Canvas

Northern Light Art

"Russian Hawthorne" in Winter, 1980, Oil on Canvas, 21 x 25 1/2" (sight)


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