Tiffany Streamerica CoastersTiffany Streamerica CoastersTiffany Streamerica CoastersTiffany Streamerica CoastersTiffany Streamerica CoastersTiffany Streamerica CoastersTiffany Streamerica Coasters

Tiffany Streamerica bar coasters, complete set with 8 removable/usable rubber coasters. Both the stainless steel top and all of the eight rubber coaster are marked TIFFANY & Co. The coasters are further marked SWITZERLAND. The coasters are approximately 3 3/4 inches in diameter. This is set a heavy and is made with great precision almost made like a Swiss watch. The coasters fit together perfectly and snugly so much so that the stack of coasters is held together by their design.

Streamerica was a very modern Tiffany product line introduced in the early 1990s, 1993 I believe in the case of these coasters. the Streamerica line was quite expensive and apparently did not sell well as it was soon discontinued. Key rings and a few small jewelry pieces seemed to be the more popular sellers in this pattern. But the holloware and the flatware are quite hard to find today, just 20-25 years later.

The design motif of Streamerica is said to have been inspired by the design of the riveted together steel wings of the 1930s DC-3 airplane. I do have a couple of other pieces of Streamerica holloware that is available as well. The name STREAMERICA comes from combining the words stream and America. The riveted wing motif is also on the rubber individual coasters as well. The coasters may have been apart of the Streamerica line called Zephyr, but I cannot verify this positively.

STREAMERICA was expensive for stainless steel when it was introduced and never really sold well because of this price point. As a result, today on the secondary market it is quite rare.


Tiffany Streamerica Coasters


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