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Antique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k MountedAntique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k Mounted

I previously had this piece listed with an added necklace. This modification did not allow it to be classified as Antique Jewelry here on Ruby Lane. The necklace has been removed, it is now authentically an Antique un modified piece.

Not only have I removed the necklace but I have substantially reduced the price. Previously listed at $3,750.00, I am very sorry for the 17 of you that had this in your cart but I was unable to modify the listing without completely re photographing without necklace hence the new listing. Now is your chance, this price is firm. I have shown this carving in the photos with 2 jump rings where your own necklace or chain can be added. These have not modified the piece, they are removable, a large chain can simply thread through these. Otherwise, you may wish to remove and use the smaller existing bails. This is simply to show how you might like to add a necklace or chain should you desire to do so.

A Breathtaking and rare genuine natural carved coral Bacchus, God Of Wine. The carved coral Bacchus is a genuine Antique Victorian 19th Century piece estimated to be circa 1850's to 1870's.

A piece for the serious collector or just one who loves rare coral pieces. This is coming from my personal collection and the best example I have personally ever seen. The expertise and detail in which this was executed is truly breathtaking from the waves and lines in the hair to the grapes vines and grapes. The Bacchus himself is very handsome. The symmetry and detail of every aspect including his eyes and eyelids. The carver was a magnificent Artist indeed.

A true work of art that in my opinion has the carving and condition to be of Museum quality. I believe pieces such as this were usually commissioned by the very well to do and could take months to carve. Given this piece is estimated at 150 years old, I see not a chip., break, fissure, or crack. Obviously a piece that was very much loved, cherished and well cared for.

The color of this coral is captivating all genuine and natural in both the carved Bacchus and the coral beads. A very deep salmon in color with a hue that lends itself to a more rosy salmon than what I would call the more usual orange salmon which is often in the older pieces. Also to note, the coral is appearing just a bit darker in the photos than it is. I have photographed In two different lightings.

In this style of coral carving from this Era and particularly the framed carved faces, they were carved in more than one section. This example is no exception and was masterfully carved in 5 sections. Four of the sections are the frame around the very large face of Bacchus. If you refer to the photos I have taken of the back of the piece, you will clearly see this to what I am referring. The carvings are then assembled. In this example with 14k yellow gold custom made framing to fit this exact carving. It is to assemble and hold the carvings firmly and intact. This method obviously works as the age of this example and condition would be proof of it. The coral would have been drilled in the back with the gold having a post in many areas to secure coral to gold. Again, the sections are not glued together they are assembled with the gold framing.

I wanted to clarify due to a question about the carving being in pieces so I merely wanted to add that this intentional and part of the original design. Thee are but a few examples of carved coral Bacchus, but if you were to google it and view the other examples, you would find my statements to be so.

All mounts in this piece are perfectly secure none of the coral pieces are loose or otherwise compromised. All of the gold that you see have been tested and guaranteed as 14k gold though it is not marked which is not unusual. If you refer once again to the photos of the back of the piece, you will see in the center a bail that lifts up or turns downwards. It is present and original to the piece. Choosing to use this latch for a chain or necklace would require the addition of a bail to make the hole large enough. The side mounts were also original to the piece when I acquired it and as my Jeweler and I both feel original to the piece. The split rings shown, I have added, they are removable and are here as an an example of how a chain or necklace might be added if you wish.

On the right side of the back there is an area along the gold frame that has a bar like shape. It is possible that this once also had a pin for a brooch though there is no evidence what so ever that there was a locking mechanism for a pin closure and thought by my Jeweler to be part of the frame work. It is possible that the maker of the piece originally set out to make the piece a brooch and decided otherwise. If you look on the left side across from what I am referring, you can also see there appears to be no indication of a clasp was ever present.

The photos say more about this piece than I possible could in my description. I just felt compelled to go over some of the many details about this piece. I only wish I had not been limited to 9 photos. This is a true work of art than one never tires of looking at. it truly is breathtaking. Weight: 37 grams Dimensions: Height: 1.98 inches long Width: 1.77 inches wide Depth: .97 inches **(this is a very thick and high relief carving!!) All gold has been tested and is 14k yellow gold

There are no chips, breaks, or cracks in this amazing carved coral Bacchus work of art!!

My price on this is firm! No offers please. Questions are welcome.

Free shipping and insurance on purchase.

Item ID: Db12524

14k Carved coral, 14k Antique coral , 14k salmon coral, 14k coral pendant, salmon coral, Antique coral

Gender: Female, Age Group: Adult, Color: Salmon, Size: 37 grams

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Antique Carved Coral Bacchus God Of Wine Pendant 14k Mounted

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