Le Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass VaseLe Verre Francais Cameo Glass Vase

Wonderful Le Verre Francais acid cut back cameo glass vase.

This beautiful vase has a base layer of mottled yellow and opal glass, with layers of mottled red and brown, Lovely Art Deco stylized floral decor. The foot of the vase is properly signed Le Verre Francais (see photos).

Vase is in great condition, without chips, cracks, repairs, etc.

I have a second Schneider Art Deco cameo glass vase in the same shape listed as well.

Size ~ 3" tall.


Schneider Glass:

Charles and Ernest Schneider were a generation younger than Emile Galle and the Daum brothers, whose glassworks were in the same area of France. The Schneider brothers worked for Daum from the early 1900s, Ernest as a salesman/commercial manager, and Charles as a freelance designer.

The brothers left Daum around 1912, and recommissioned an old glassworks under the name Schneider Freres et Wolff (Schneider Brothers and Wolff), a few miles north of Paris in 1913. Henri Wolff was an architect friend of Charles Schneider.

Initially they made high quality cameo vases and lamps, but the war in Europe (1914-1918) led Charles and Ernest and most of their skilled glassworkers away to fight in the war. They returned and re-opened their glassworks in 1917 to make glassware needed for hospitals, and after the war they sold shares in the company to finance getting back into the art glass market. At that time the company was called the Societe Anonyme des Verreries Schneider.

Charles Schneider was a brilliant and versatile designer, and the company produced a wide range of superb designs. They were very successful in marketing their glass to major high prestige retail stores both in Paris and overseas. They bought back their shares and re-named the company Verrerie Schneider.

The depression in the 1930s was a major setback for Schneider's, because their USA market collapsed for them. Their successful but long-drawn-out court case against David Gueron (DEGUE glass) was also a source of hardship for the company in the early 1930s. And their superbly colored glass went out of fashion in France. In 1937 Ernest Schneider died, and in 1939 the company was declared bankrupt and the glassworks sold to a fruit juice company. At the start of the Second War in 1940 the invading German army dumped the contents of the glassworks, destroyed many of their records, and turned it into a brewery.

Cristallerie Schneider was a new glassworks set up by Charles Schneider and his two sons, Charles and Robert, in 1949. Charles Schneider senior died in 1953. The Cristallerie Schneider operated until 1957, when the works was destroyed by an explosion, and during that time they produced some beautiful lines in lead crystal blown glass, often with random internal bubbling.

In 1957/58 Charles Schneider Jr. and his brother Robert Henri built another new glassworks, naming it Verrerie Schneider. They made Schneider Art Glass until 1981 by which time they had both retired and they closed down the company.

Virtually all Schneider pieces are marked with the name SCHNEIDER or with one of their other trademarks, which include "CHARDER", "Le Verre Francais", a two handled ewer sketch, and a piece of blue, white and red glass cane.

Le Verre Francais was the name used by the Schneiders for a special line of 2 or 3-layered cameo glass vases, bowls, ewers, lamps etc. in a style which combined art deco and art nouveau features. This line was first introduced in 1918 and was sold in their own retail gallery in Paris, run by their sister Ernestine.

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Le Verre Francais Cameo Glass Vase


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